Sunday, January 22, 2012

Totals for Week 2

I learned a valuable lesson this week. I am a highly competitive person and I was bound and determined to win this challenge. So Monday I worked hard and FOCUSED on the points. And only the POINTS. Trying to earn as many as I could. But in doing so I lost track of things that mattered most. I lost the true spirit of this Challenge. As I sat down at the end of my VERY exhausting day and reflected on what I had accomplished. I realized that there is a correct amount of points for me to earn to make myself a Better Me. That if I am conquering all the items on the challenge and hitting that correct and realistic goal I have set for my daily points. Also keeping up with my other responsibilities(home, kids, work) then I am a happier and more well rounded individual. This challenge has been very good for me. Just like yesterday with the Bonus of accomplishing at least one item in every section. It has helped to me accomplish all the tasks that I should be doing in my daily life. Which helps me to be a happier, healthier and more generous person. I find myself thinking and praying every morning that I will be able to help and serve someone that day. I am focusing not on myself but others.
So the bonus today is if your points were HONESTLY better than last week. Then you get 2 extra points. And when I say honestly I mean, with you increasing your points and working harder on becoming a Better ME. Did you accomplish that!?! Were you a Better person this week, than last? I can say other than Monday I was. Which I am very excited about. And now I know that too much of a good thing can canker my life. I know what my breaking point is and what my personal goal is now. In which I will try to hit that number everyday instead of trying to accumulate as many points as possible.
Yes, this is a challenge and a competition but don't lose sight of all the great things that you have accomplished these last 2 weeks. I have heard great stories of people losing weight when they other wise weren't motivated to do before. Of people giving of their precious time in service and being uplifted and on a high afterwards. Individuals reading and learning more than they would have in the past. I have read 3 books already this year. I normally don't read 3 books in the whole entire year.
I just want to thank everyone for participating and to let you all know I am so Happy of all the Great and Hard things you are accomplishing. Good Luck this next week. Please feel free to share experiences or comments that you have by doing this challenge.

Kristy - 376
Monica - 281
Cory - 265
Cassie - 244
Audrey - 233
Januari - 216
Trisha - 208
Court - 198
Natalie - 195
David - 191
Marcie - 173
Jessica - 164
Tara - 153
Kath - 147
Andrea - 141
MK - 118
Heather - 77
Phil - 65
John - 30
Mike - 0

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