Monday, January 2, 2012


We all have our Strengths and our Weaknesses. Why not be praised for our Strengths and make our Weak things STRONG? So here is a New Years Challenge, to become a BETTER ME(you). Here is how it works, it is point based and you get a point for each item that you complete during the day. These items can be completed multiple times a day thus earning you more points. The persons with the most points are the WINNERS!!! This is a fun and exciting challenge that is all about being a healthier happier person in 2012, so DO YOUR BEST!

Cost: $10 each month with a two month minimum

Prizes: All money is entered in the pot and there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners each month. Top three point holders win the cash, the health, the spirituality and the intellect.

Daily Challenges:

  • 1 pt for every 32 oz. of water that is drank

  • 1 pt for every 30 min workout

  • 1 pt for morning and evening prayer (no points earned if you only get one prayer in)

  • 1 pt for each pound lost in the month

  • 1 pt for every 15 minutes of spiritual study (this cannot be combined with reading below)

  • 1 pt for every 30 minutes of reading or study (any subject) * Audio Books are only worth an 1/4 of the points. (every 2 hours of actual listening = 1 point)

  • 1 pt for not drinking soda, yes even diet

  • 1 pt for not eating junk food (chips, sweets, you know the stuff that isn't good for you)

  • 1 pt for every serving of fruits or Veggies

  • 1 pt for any service rendered to someone in need. (you be the judge)

The rules are simple and on your honor:

  1. You cannot count points for items that you would normally do for your job. (if you are a personal trainer you cannot count the points for your workout or service rendered)

  2. No points for working out on Sunday

  3. Church does not count for spiritual study

  4. Text Monica (801) 380-6442 or email me your points each day or the latest by Saturday morning and they will be posted to the blog each week on Sunday.

  5. Have your money turned in within the week of you starting the Challenge in order to be able to participate.

  6. This is on your honor so NO CHEATING!!!

  7. This is about being better and happier so have fun.


  1. You are awesome!
    I can't commit to anything right now. I'm just hoping my kids and I survive this next semester. I may join in May. Will you keep posting on FB so I remember?
    Good luck you!

  2. I will keep posting on Facebook.