Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bonus Challenge

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I saw this quote and decided I need to get going on a few items that I have been struggling with as of late. So the Challenge for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday is this: Look at your points and see what you are struggling with. Set a good, challenging goal and DO IT!! Each day you accomplish that goal you get 2 EXTRA POINTS! So for example I have been really struggling to workout lately. My goal is to get 1 hour of exercise in a day. If I accomplish that then I not only get 2 points for an hour workout but 2 extra points for setting the goal and doing it. Personalize it to you. Maybe if you have a hard time Reading, doing Spiritual Study or if you are on a diet and struggling to eat what you need than apply the goal there. You be the judge and make it a CHALLENGE. Good Luck!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 1 for 2nd Phase

Kristy - 169
Cassie - 132
Monica - 116
Kath - 115
Januari - 111 ;o)
Audrey - 99
Jessica - 89
Sharamie - 85
Michelle - 85
David - 74
Natalie - 65
John - 55
Mandi - 36
Becky - 28
Phil - 15

Thursday, February 16, 2012


We all hear that we need to have moderation in all things... The challenge is constantly on my mind and since Monday I have been working as hard as I can to try to hit the full amount of points. So that I can to get the 2 Extra Bonus Points. It has about killed me. I have come to realize that maybe the numbers are a little too high for the bonus. So here is what I am going to change: (please let me know what you think?)

To qualify for 2 Bonus Points everyday you need to:

- Drink 128 oz. of water.
- Exercise for 1 Hour.
- No Soda or Junk Food.
- Eat 6 Servings of Fruit or Veggies.
- Say your Morning & Evening Prayer.
- Spiritual Study for 45 min.
- Scholastic Reading for 1 Hour.
- 1 Act of Service.

The Max points are going to still be the same if you excel in one section of the challenge or another then you still can collect up to the Max points in each section. There is no Max for Service.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's get this 2nd 30-Day Challenge Started


We all have our Strengths and our Weaknesses. Why not be praised for our Strengths and make our Weak things STRONG? So here is a New Years Challenge, to become a BETTER ME(you). Here is how it works, it is point based and you get a point for each item that you complete during the day. These items can be completed multiple times a day thus earning you more points. The persons with the most points are the WINNERS!!! This is a fun and exciting challenge that is all about being a healthier happier person in 2012, so DO YOUR BEST! Cost: $10 each month with a two month minimum. (so a $20 - 2 month commitment) Prizes: All money is entered in the pot and there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners each month or maybe more!?! Top point holders win the cash, the health, the spirituality and the intellect.

Daily Challenges:

  • 1 pt for every 32 oz. of water that is drank - Max of 4 Points

  • 1 pt for every 30 min workout - Max of 5 Points

  • 1 pt for morning and evening prayer (no points earned if you only get one prayer in)

  • 1 pt for each pound lost in the month - Take your Day 1 weight minus your Day 30 weight and that will equal your points.

  • 1 pt for each inch lost during the month.

  • 1 pt for every 15 minutes of spiritual study (this cannot be combined with reading below) - Max of 5 Points

  • 1 pt for every 30 minutes of reading or study (any subject) * Audio Books are only worth an 1/4 of the points. (every 2 hours of actual listening = 1 point) - Max of 5 Points

  • 1 pt for not drinking soda, yes even diet

  • 1 pt for not eating junk food (chips, sweets, you know the stuff that isn't good for you)

  • 1 pt for every serving of fruits or Veggies - Max of 8 Points

  • 1 pt for any service rendered to someone in need. (you be the judge)

  • If you complete the Max amount of points in Water, Workout, Spiritual & Scholastic Reading, Eating Fruits & Veggies. Also have no Soda, Junk Food, say your Morning & Night Prayers and Give 1 act of service in a day then you get a 2 BONUS Points.

The rules are simple and on your honor:

  1. You cannot count points for items that you would normally do for your job. (if you are a personal trainer you cannot count the points for your workout or service rendered)

  2. No points for working out on Sunday.

  3. Church does not count for spiritual study.

  4. Text Monica (801) 380-6442 or email me your points each day or the latest by Saturday evening and they will be posted to the blog each week on Sunday morning.

  5. Have your money turned in within the first week of you starting the 30 Day Challenge in order to be able to participate.

  6. You can choose to participate even if you don't put the money in. You just won't be able to qualify for the Cash Prizes at the end.

  7. I will be giving out random bonuses along the way so make sure you keep checking the blog and watch for text messages.

  8. This is on your honor so NO CHEATING!!!

  9. This is about being better and happier so have fun.

  10. Mail your $20 to: Monica DeGrey - PO Box 33, Mona, UT 84645

Friday, February 10, 2012


Kristy - 822 - $50

Cory - 625 - $25

Cassie - 625 - $25

Monica - 608 - $15

Trisha - 599 - $10

Audrey - 556 - $5

Kath - 537 - $5

Court - 532 - $5

Januari - 499 - $5

David - 437 - $5

Bugs - 419 - $5

Jessica - 399 - $5

John - 319 - $5

Andrea - 317 - $5

MK - 230

Marcie - 173

Tara - 153

Phil - 125

Heather - 77

I am so proud of everyone and all that they accomplished in the last 30 days. We are going to start up again on MONDAY the 13th of February. I hope that this little break has been nice and SWEET and that you will be ready to hit it hard on Monday. I am going to revise the point structure just a little and post the Rules on Sunday. Also feel free to leave comments on the great results that you experienced. And let's get more people signed up this go around. So Spread the word. If they want to participate in the challenge but not pay the fee then that is fine.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last Day

Here we are at the last day of the Challenge. Please send me your points so I get them all in order. Also don't forget to count your Pounds lost from Day 1 to Day 30. I can't wait to hear the positive things that you have experienced over these last 30 days. Please feel free to share.

So I actually decided that we are going to start the next 30 day challenge on February 13th. So then it gives people more time to sign up. Please pass the word along and lets help motivate people to reach their goals.

I am so proud of how hard everyone has worked to Become Better People in 2012. Keep it up and Enjoy the breathing room for the next few days. We will start up stronger than ever on Monday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Final Stretch

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. - Aristotle

We are on the Final Stretch of the 1st 30-day Challenge. The last day to count points is Feb 7th, 2012. Then we will start the 2nd 30-day Challenge on Feb. 8th and it will go until March 8th.
It only takes 21 days of doing something consistent to form a habit. I hope that you have formed some healthy habits by now. I know I have made a few and that I have a bunch more to work towards. I am so proud of everyone for participating and working so hard to better themselves. So we have six days left so I am going to do a bonus everyday.

The Bonus today is: If you go ALL Day without any Junk Food you get 2 EXTRA POINTS.

The Bonus Friday is: If you go ALL Day without a Soda you get 2 EXTRA POINTS.

The Bonus Saturday is: Double Points for Water today. Every 32 oz. you drink you get 2 points.

The Bonus Sunday is: Double Points for Service today. Every act of Service is worth 2 points.

The Bonus Monday is: Double Points for Prayer today. If you say your Morning & Evening Prayer you get 2 points.

The Bonus Tuesday is: Double Points for Spiritual Study today. Every 15 min. of Study you get 2 points.
Also on Tuesday you need to count your pounds lost. You get a point for every pound that you lost during the Challenge. So take the amount of pounds you weighed on Jan 9 and minus them from the what you weighed on Feb 7th and that equals your total pound bonus points. I can't wait to here those numbers!?!