Thursday, February 2, 2012

Final Stretch

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. - Aristotle

We are on the Final Stretch of the 1st 30-day Challenge. The last day to count points is Feb 7th, 2012. Then we will start the 2nd 30-day Challenge on Feb. 8th and it will go until March 8th.
It only takes 21 days of doing something consistent to form a habit. I hope that you have formed some healthy habits by now. I know I have made a few and that I have a bunch more to work towards. I am so proud of everyone for participating and working so hard to better themselves. So we have six days left so I am going to do a bonus everyday.

The Bonus today is: If you go ALL Day without any Junk Food you get 2 EXTRA POINTS.

The Bonus Friday is: If you go ALL Day without a Soda you get 2 EXTRA POINTS.

The Bonus Saturday is: Double Points for Water today. Every 32 oz. you drink you get 2 points.

The Bonus Sunday is: Double Points for Service today. Every act of Service is worth 2 points.

The Bonus Monday is: Double Points for Prayer today. If you say your Morning & Evening Prayer you get 2 points.

The Bonus Tuesday is: Double Points for Spiritual Study today. Every 15 min. of Study you get 2 points.
Also on Tuesday you need to count your pounds lost. You get a point for every pound that you lost during the Challenge. So take the amount of pounds you weighed on Jan 9 and minus them from the what you weighed on Feb 7th and that equals your total pound bonus points. I can't wait to here those numbers!?!

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